Our approach

The goal of community engagement and accountability (CEA) is to provide timely, relevant and potentially life-saving information to communities. We use the most appropriate communication tools to listen to people’s needs, feedback and complaints, and their participation guides the actions of the Red Cross Red and Crescent Movement. This helps to build more resilient communities.

CEA provides frontline workers with innovative approaches to working with people and communities.

It strengthens our unique relationship within the community by encouraging people to speak out about the issues that affect them. This in turn influences decision and policy-makers, and brings about positive change. CEA is committed to:

Participation and feedback
Communicate clearly to communities about who we are and what we are doing. Provide opportunities for participation and listen, respond and act on feedback, questions and complaints. For example, who is entitled to receive cash grants and how people can provide feedback about it.

Information as aid
Share timely, actionable and potentially life saving information with communities quickly, efficiently and at scale. For example, where and how people affected by emergencies can access services.

Behaviour and social change communication
Understand people’s behaviours and use innovative and participatory communication approaches to support communities adopt safer and healthier practices. For example, using mobile cinemas to help prevent cholera.

Evidence-based advocacy
Support communities to speak out about the issues that affect them – or speak up on their behalf if that’s not possible – to influence decision-makers to take action. For example, organise community meetings to bring communities and government together.