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Case studies are a great way to share good practices, learnings, and solutions from the field. These studies can provide inspiration and advice for those working in similar contexts and are a great way to spotlight the work of National Societies. Browse case studies geographically below or explore all case studies thematically using the search function. You can also submit your own case studies to be added to the CEA Hub by using the template at the bottom of the page and emailing your case study to

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10 October 2022

CEA in Covid-19, highlights

This document highlights just some of the activities and impacts achieved by the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement…

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17 August 2022

PASSA Case Study in Honduras – Safe Homes, Resilient Communities

This case study shares the experience of Honduras Red Cross in implementing the Participatory Approach to Safe Housing…

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31 May 2022

Harnessing Interagency support for RCCE in COVID-19

This case study explores how systems and platforms have been developed in Zimbabwe to ensure information on COVID-19…

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Write your own case study

1 April 2020

CEA case study template

An IFRC template document for a Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) case study. This document provides you with the layout, headings and prompts needed to produce your own CEA study.

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